Governments must invest in economic industries and training for the future

economy. Changing Metrics In the future, metrics for economic development will not be focused solely on job numbers. This is especially important in terms of understanding the freelancing and entrepreneurial economy. Similarly, typical measurements of human capital, such as number of college degrees, will fade in

Due to poor economic. the training of talents in relevant industries, from technical skills to management, organization and arrangement, and to study what talents will be needed in these industrial.

Economic Development Policies for Central and Western China USCBC on November 1, 2010 The PRC government has ramped up incentives to develop central and western China-will foreign companies bite? by Nancy Huang , Joie Ma , and kyle sullivan china launched two strategies to develop its central and western regions in the last decade.

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The Government must be clearer on the amount of levy that has been. 95% of employers failed to spend the entirety of their apprenticeship budget in the. to spend an average of 56% of their allotted funds annually in the future.. industry bodies, training providers and – especially – employers are left in.

Governments must seek to stimulate demand for digital solutions. communications networks are the highways of the future: essential to the economic development of nations, and with a critical potential to enhance quality of life for all citizens. Investment in digital infrastructure is the tide that raises all boats.

The need for government to collaborate with the business and nonprofit worlds exists whether government is acting as a consumer of products and services, a provider of public goods, or an economic stakeholder. Improving government’s procurement of products and services. Governments have come under fire for paying too much for products and services.

Recognizing that current company-specific efforts must be supplemented with systemic change, the leaders of the Forum’s Regional Business Council and others are engaging in a new phase of the initiative, which will directly build on the insights provided by the Future of Jobs Insight Report. It is expected that the Future of Jobs work will force a more precise dialogue to strengthen the existing framework of collaboration for business leaders and provide new data and analysis for better.

Westinghouse bankruptcy puts $8.3B in federal loan guarantees for Vogtle plant at risk Under the 30-day interim agreement, Georgia Power is paying Westinghouse $5.4 million a week to keep work going at the Vogtle site while it evaluates whether to continue construction or shut the.

Report Investing in the Future: An Economic Strategy for State and Local Governments in a Period of Tight Budgets Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney Friday, February 25, 2011

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